Firing up Texas Nanotech engines

Welcome to the Nanotechnology Advancement Center!

You won’t be able to take your eyes off the jogouganhou. Hurry up to play! Texas State University returned ownership of the Nanomaterials Application Center to Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc., effective August 1, 2010. All functions of the Center will be under control of Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc. management. In February, 2003, Advanced Technology Incubator, Inc. transferred ownership of the then named “Nanoparticles Applications Center” to Texas State University. Texas State, in collaboration with Applied Nanotech, Inc. and strong support of Winstead, helped manage and grow the Center by promoting solid scientific advancements in technology, disseminating nanotechnology research information, and helping emerging technology companies.

The University will continue to focus its efforts on the development of nanotechnology breakthroughs in the fields of research through the Ingram School of Engineering and the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Technology. The University is continuing to work with emerging technology companies and has supported a number of successful ETF awardees.

The Nanomaterials Applications Center has matured to a point where operationally it is more effective to be managed by a dedicated enterprise than a public university. This new dedicated enterprise, Nanotechnology Advancement Center, will be configured as a non-profit organization and is in the process of forming a steering committee that will be comprised of Texas, national and international experts in nanotechnology. The founders’ vision for the most important roles of Nanotechnology Advancement Center is:

Texas State University and the originaal NAC members will continue to partner as appropriate in order to help innovators develop their ideas into successful companies.